Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Jonesin...

we here at LoveJonesLifestyle are all too familiar with the challenges of Love...when what you really want is this:

but, like Darius and Nina, miles and miles apart, sometimes you have to settle for something, well, a bit tamer to put you to, as the aroma of cinnamon filled my bedroom, I thought I'd share a small offering of late night comfort...

Zenzile's LJL (nonalcoholic)Nightcap

heat 1/3 cup of hot water
scoop in 1 1/3 TBS of Cocoa Powder
scoop in 1 1/3 TBS of Sugar in the Raw
add 1/8 tsp of ground cinnamon
stir until thick
add 1 cup heated Lactose Free/Almond/Soy milk
stir until mixed well
drop in 1-2 drops of pure vanilla extract
add 1 stick of Cinnamon
...optional add a dash of cocoa chile powder to really heat things up...
pour into your favorite mug, then Download the rest of Raheem DeVaughn's new Mixtape, Jacking 4 Beats and enjoy!

Yeah, its not what you want, but it sure is beautiful music and a tasty treat, and if you're a true connoisseur of the LoveJonesLifestyle, then you know that that's not such a bad way to end the day. At least we'll send you off to sleep feeling warm and toasty on a cold winter's night.

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