Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

The LoveJonesLifestyle is all, truth, honesty, and speaking ones deepest sentiments...therefore, on today, World AIDS Day, we have to address a key conversation that was missing in the storyline between Darius and Nina...although set in the late nineties, we never see the couple have what we here at LJL like to call the GROWN UP SEX TALK.

Why, what is the GROWN UP SEX TALK you ask? It's exactly what it states. It's the process by which grown ups...yes you.. sit down with a potential new partner, and discuss your collective sexual history (have you been abused/assaulted?, other partners at the moment, sexual orientation), STI/HIV status, sexual preferences, what to do in case of an "accident," and forms of protection that you use or plan to use. This talk happens LONG before actual sex takes place, and in a neutral, emotionally secure space. When we first put together the G.U.S.T., team member Bobby Earl, and I left the list of questions as they appear. However, I'd like to add, that the end of the GROWN UP SEX TALK should include setting a joint appointment for testing.

Make it a priority to know your status...find a testing location HERE  Get more information on World AIDS Day and educate yourself on the facts.

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