Sunday, February 6, 2011

Age of Aquarius

It's February...the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!!!

It's February, and well, for many, its the month of love, affection, warmth, or as as the song so eloquently says, the era when "peace will guide the planets and love will steer the sun"

My memory of February, the Aquarians, and love will always be symbolized in a pair of cups my parents kept alternately on their nightstands or on our fireplace mantle, depicting their Zodiac signs. My father's cup was the Aquarius and my mother's the Sagittarius. Although my parents probably never noticed, or knew, I'd read those cups religiously, memorizing the characteristics of both signs, the constellations that they were comprised of, and the dates they were marked by. As a child, I assumed both their compatibility and unity was assured by the presence of their Zodiac coffee mugs.

In the larger context, this is the month in which we celebrate the martyr of the Christian Saint Valentine, who wrote a love letter before his execution on the 14th of February,signing it 'Your Valentine' and setting in motion a tradition that we've continued into modernity.

However, even the Lovely, Loving Ladies of LoveJonesLifestyle have not been spared the "hate"...yes, even love has haters,it comes in the form of broken hearts, disbelief, indifference and infidelity...remember this?

As we've said before, this Lifestyle is NOT for the faint of heart.

We love.

We lose.

We hurt.

But in the end, we must choose.

I choose to stand on the side of love.

My life, and my Valentine's Days are filled with much more love than not. My Valentine memories are filled with flowers from my dad delivered at school, hand drawn cards from boyfriends, candies from coworkers, and dinners with girlfriends during my single years. I love love, and I LOVE the celebration of love. Sister blogger Chandra Kamaria will call me the eternal optimist, but its true. Despite the materialism, consumption overload, and mindless one time shows of affection, that the holiday has become, I still have hope for love. Not the commercialized, syrupy sweet, "you'll find yourself on the couch if I don't get diamonds" -type of love, but the real thing.

You know, that kind of love of self that makes us say, "you know what, I AM gonna go get me a bouquet of flowers today, just to brighten up my living room." Or the kind of love that says,"I'm happy just BEing with you, now let me run you a bubble bath," or "honey, scratch my dandruff." The kind of love that says "girl, we will NOT spend our Valentine's Day lamenting our single-hood, but celebrating all that we've accomplished and learned, and being happy we've made it to this point! We LOVE life!!"

That's the legacy of Valentines day for me. As I've grown out of girlhood, daddy's flower deliveries, and love note from boyfriends, I've learned that LOVE should come as naturally as LIFE. It should be celebrated daily. Therefore, I choose to live in a space where peace guides my planet, and love guides my sun. A new day is dawning Lovers....which side will you choose?


  1. First and foremost, shout out to the lovely ladies of LJL. I have been admiring your work from my spaceship as I cruise endless galaxies searching for intelligent forms of life.

    Now on to my rant... LOVE, in its most simple form, is like any other thought our brains can conjure up. We make a choice to invest our time, resources, energy, emotions, and sometimes our sanity for a chance to subject ourselves to the psychological rollercoaster that is love. Just looking at the word, Love reminds me of those other four letter words we use to express extreme and sometimes negative feelings. ("Cuss Words" like the great lyricist Todd Shaw once sang about back in the day) Even when spelled backwards... evol---Does that subliminally lead us to believe the word is kinda evil, or does it symbolize the begining of an evolution? Y'all remember what happened the last time we had some evolution... (fishes started walking on land..or whatever) Scrambling the word even more can bring on even more different perspectives on the word...eo vl----Exterrestrial Outpost 5 (Roman number V)1...SO is love a mental portal for alien life to invade our psyche?...

    My point being, love is all about how you look at things....

    Don't get it misconstrued or all out of whack, KD is a big fan of love...I love to give love, I love being loved, I love the smell, taste, sound, feel, and sight of love... it is a very sensual emotion. Love makes all the worlds go around. But like a thunderbolt from Mount Olympus, love can bring your entire world crashing down.

    Peep this.... I met a young lady several hundred years ago and I was too young to realize that she was the missing part to make my puzzle complete. As time wore on, our journies took us on adventures to separate galaxies in different spaces in time. But every time I looked at my CD collection, I thought of her because we shared the same interest in some music. Now was I supposed to trash all my Goodie Mob, Outkast, Project Pat, and Bob Marley because hearing some of those songs took my emotions the wringer?... I think not, because "Players" don't get all wishy-washy over some "Braud" (pardon my terminology Ladies) That is where I was wrong. Ya see.. No matter how much energy she used to try and convince me that I had all those other women on the side, I used just as much trying to show her that she was the one. But like the cliche` goes, "If you love something, set it free..It will return if it is meant to be".. So I did just that.

    Fast forward 1300 light years into the future... My spaceship crossed paths once again with the Love of my life at space docking station. I felt rather awkward pulling up and asking for permission to board her craft. But I just had to see. She let me on board and honestly it felt as if she had never left. I still had the same sense of safety with her that I used to feel. I still had the same admiration for her thought process (shout out to Goodie Mo, once again) that I once had. Still loved the way she fed the kitchen and in other areas of the house (ya dig)... But most importantly, I was still AMAZED by the way she unconditionally loved me and wanted to see the best for me/out of me. In my opinion, that was just some "straight up gangster type love"... It was like I did time in the pen and came home to a woman who waited faithfully (more or less)for her dude.

    But in typical male-human fashion, I f***ed the situation up. I will not bore you with the details, but let's just say...Schedule management issues....

    So I ask you beautiful Goddesses from LJL, is it healthy to walk way from one life chasing the dream that is love? Gambling on the thought that things might be better "the second time around"... Or should I cut my losses and just walk away from the poker table while I still enough time to try my hand at blackjack?...

    Thanks in advance for your input, Ladies...
    Peace.. kdizzog, POTUG

  2. Wow Kdizzog...what a magical story of time travel, love and loss...As I wrote in my post, I always stand on the side of love. Ultimately, like you said in the beginning of your comment, loving, the act of love, is a choice. The "choice" right now is yours. You're obviously ahead of the game if you went away for an extended period of time yet found your feelings about her to be the same as before you left. The question now seems to be if you can recover from your F*** up. Is there time for you to straighten up and fly right? Or will you choose to move over to the blackjack game?


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