Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poetry Jam!!!

Well, LJL family...we all know one of the staples of our favorite film/lifestyle is the Poetry Slam, or Poetry Jam as I like to call them. Indeed the initial meeting, flirtation and seduction between Darius and Nina take place in, around and through poems and music.

For this reason, we can only see it as fitting to grace you with the musical and poetic stylings of one of our favorite poet/producer/lover/creators....
Fathom9 aka Doc Anon aka the Anti-Life Equation. He describes himself as, "a reservoir of limitless potential...(the mic is an instrument/I am the Conduit/Conveying the intimate/sentiments/of the Infinite...)

He, his music, and his writings can be found at http://fathom9.tumblr.com. And, now, without further ado, I present, Fathom9 in words and sounds.


Soul Heart Sessions: Winter-Leaves


This Night; my thoughts…(Fathom 9) A.L.E.

This night…my thoughts—take me to a place I had since abandoned—for sadly our world is comprised of

souls who would curse dreamers—but this night…my thoughts dwell in the shadow of a memory…

There once existed a girl whom I would await in my dreams. We had a special place-I called it our Sacred Garden,

Where we could be free to explore our desires outside the confines of Space, Time, and callous reality.

How wonderful our adventures were.

But one evening beneath crimson twilight I appeared, called out to

Her, and naught answered me but silent echoes. I repeated every night for what seemed an eternity,

To no avail. Ragged—bereft of the light of Passion I screamed into the night: My LOVE! My LOVE—

you would dare FORSAKE me? Why, My LOVE? Why??? I who go thirsty in the desert a thousand

Seasons, and with one breath from your lips-my thirst would be quenched…I would shatter my feeble


before the glory of your feet, and through my bleeding exposed heart-a garden of my love’s testimonial

Would spring forth replenishing a barren Earth…why would you abandon I—your wanton servant…?

She never answered me…

and since have I wandered this land of desolation—weeping.

Let us know what you think LJL Family...We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts about Fathom's work. Do you want more???

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