Thursday, June 16, 2011

Redistributing Your Energy

Well, Obviously, we here at LoveJonesLifestyle have been putting energy into things other than LoveJonesLifestyle. Again, not for lack of Love, but for the Lifestyle!

We've been busily crafting and creating, planning and implementing. Admittedly, I've taken a brief vacation, but even my vacations involve "work." I spent the week mentoring, teaching, and creating with a group of dynamic young people who dream of future careers in the arts. Seeing their energy, or lack of energy around certain people, topics, and activities served as a great reminder to me, and how I implement my own LoveJonesLifestyle.

As I go about completing my last year of school, planning for my business, networking with artists, clients, scholars and coaches and of course being a family member (mama, auntie, cousin, sister) I become more and more clear on the need for focus, planning and strategic direction of my energy.

I've been alone, and have worked independently long enough to recognize my work style, my best conditions for work, the purpose in my work, and the signs my body, environment and the universe reveal to me for my safety and productivity.

Living the LoveJonesLifestyle often entails a lot of hard work. It entails prioritizing, laser like focus, and oftentimes a denial of all things frivolous or that would block your creativity, energy and productivity.

Having said that, I'm headed into a laser like focus over the next three months that will hopefully pay off exponentially in the academic, business, and health areas of my life. As we head into the summer solstice in less than a week, what are some of the ways you plan on redirecting your energy to get to your ultimate LoveJonesLifestyle?

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